Nail Care

I posted this separately so it would be easier to find.
I know a lot of people have problems with their nails, so here is my go at it.

I have always had problems with my nails, the first one has always been biting.  I used to bite my nails all the time.
My first remedy was this and it completely kicked my habit.
Here at

It worked because this stuff is completely disgusting!  The point is that it tastes horrible so you bite your nails and get an awful chemical-like taste in your mouth.  You cannot wash this stuff off at all.
In my experience the flavor of this stuff got onto my fingers and therefore onto anything I touched -- including food.  I think that's why it was so effective.

Now, the nail biting was just one problem.  I have always had really weak nails and they would chip so easily (why I bit them in the first place).
My solution to this was acrylics, not because I knew it'd make it better, but because I wouldn't have to worry about it.

Some info on acrylics -- they destroy your nails.  So I knew it would be the same either way and went for it.

Of course then after a year of acrylics I eventually didn't want them anymore and said screw it!  (go figure)
Then I bought these beauties:

These are nail proteins designed for problematic nails.  
You can find them online and at some drugstores.  I bought mine at CVS. 
You use them every other day and can even wear them with color polish.  

I started off with Formula 2, which is for treatment for former acrylic users.  I used this until I ran out of the smallest bottle.  My nails were healthy and flexible at that point, but the layers started to separate and peel.  This was cue for Formula 1.  I used Formula 1 about once a week for about 2 years.

They are expensive - the smallest bottle (1/8 oz) runs for about $5 and the largest (1/2 oz, in my picture) is about $17.  It's really worth it though.  And a normal refill every ~ 2 weeks with acrylics is $17 + anyways.

Now I have long, fairly strong, healthy nails.  They still chip and peel a bit, but not nearly as bad as they used to be.  (I have cut them for the first time in my life a few months ago and a second time about a week ago.  And I'm 18, yeah...)  ß this as of July 25th 2010

This stuff has really helped me!

I don't really need the protein anymore, so I'm not using it.

I usually keep my nails painted, but when they're not I have them covered with this

American Classics Gelous Advanced Gel Nail Coat
It's around $6 at Sally Beauty.

I really like this.  It really strengthens the nails and is super shiny.  So far, I've had no problem with chipping.