Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drugstore Princess's 2-Week Makeup Challenge Day 1

DSP 2-Week Makeup Challenge!
Rules: Be Honest; Review every product you mention; tag with "DSP" so I get to see what you write!
Full challenge here

Day 1: What is your favorite makeup brand, and what are your top 5 favorite products from that brand?
Day 2: Do you own any makeup palettes? If yes, what are they? If no, what ones do you want?
Day 3: Who is your biggest makeup inspiration, and why?
Day 4: How many individual items of makeup do you own? (You don’t need to review all of these, but it’s fun to count!)
Day 5: Do you prefer lipstick, lip gloss, or lip stain? What are your three favorite shades?
Day 6: List every foundation you’ve ever used (that’s worth mentioning) from Best to Worst
Day 7: Do you wear eyeliner everyday? Do you prefer liquid, pencil, or gel liner? Review your favorite!
Day 8: How many new products to you usually purchase per month? What is the most recent makeup purchase you’ve made?
Day 9: What are the last two makeup products you used up completely? Would you purchase them again?
Day 10: What is your biggest makeup pet peeve?
Day 11: What is your normal daily makeup routine? Post a picture if you’d like!
Day 12: What is the worst makeup product that you ever bought?
Day 13: Why do you wear makeup? For self-confidence, to impress others, or simply because it’s fun?
Day 14: What is a makeup look you’d like to recreate? Picture!!

I really mix and match brands, there is not one brand that really has everything that I like.  I'm sure that's how it is with most people.
I'll use E.L.F because it's the first one that I thought of.

It does everything a primer should - make shadows stand out, last longer and keep them crease free.  I can easily get 8+ hours with no creasing.  I rarely use any other primer.
These are handy little books that are great for travelling!  Most of the shadows are really pigmented, but can be quite powdery.  They also come in face and lip editions.
I love these!  They are so fun and come in a bunch of nice colors.  They glide on very easily but also smudge easily.  They work good for bases too!
These pens are great for beginners - super easy to use.  They are not really waterproof though, and they dry out quite quickly.
I only own one of ELF's lipsticks, but I really like Flirtatious.  It's a very beautiful light pink.  This color settles into the lines on my lips so I have to use a lipliner and a lipbrush to keep it looking smooth.

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