Saturday, May 26, 2012

US Drugstores, Why You No Have Testers?

I recently took a trip to Ireland, and of course I wanted to scavenge for makeup while I was on vacation.  I ended up going to Boots and Inglot (that will be in another post) and I was amazed....almost every product had a tester.

I really wish someone could tell me why the United States' drugstores don't have them.  I know that Target has some with the high-end products, but really...what's so hard about it?  Things would be so much easier.

I can't tell you how many times I've walked into Walmart and there are products that people have opened and ruined to test them, and then put them right back.  The Hard Candy section is almost always like this.  It's gross, and it wouldn't be a problem if there were testers.

And yes, I realize testers can be just as gross, but most people have to common sense to know not to put it on their face or lips or whatever to swatch.  At least I would hope so.

I guess my peeve about this is because it's so hard to shop when you can't test things out properly, and more importantly, people can buy things without noticing that the product has already been used.


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