Friday, June 22, 2012

Tips for the "Broke College Student"

I was just thinking about this today, being the poor college student I am. So I wanted to post some of the things that I know and have done!

Buy/sell books online
Unfortunately, you will get scammed if you buy from the college bookstore.  My Economics book last semester was $180...I got it on ebay for $25.  Just sayin'.
Also, if you can, sell your books online.

Apply for scholarships and grants
It involves writing essays and such, but it's completely worth it.  I promise!

Some restaurants (and other places) in campus towns provide discounts, so carry your ID!

Take advantage of free events on campus

Reuse paper cupsThe paper cups you get at the cafeteria or fast food restaurants can be reused once or twice, depending on how well structured they are.

Laundry Detergent
Honestly, while those sheets of laundry detergent with the softener on them are handy, the jugs of detergent are a lot cheaper.  And you really don't need a lot to wash your clothes.  I saw a video once about how much detergent stays in the machine after using it...they were able to do an entire load without putting any soap in it.  I don't remember where this video was, sorry!

Rinse your dishes!
Before you stack up your plates and utensils, give them a rinse!  That way they are much easier and less time consuming to wash later.

Use plastic or paper plates and bowls
I buy really cheap plastic plates and bowls to use.  I haven't had any problem with them in the microwave.
You don't have to worry about breaking plates.

Invest in a Brita/Pur filter!
They are a little pricey, but you'll end up spending more if you keep buying cases of water.
(I need to do this!)

Buy at secondhand shops, if you can
Goodwill and discount grocery stores are amazing.  So is the Dollar Store.

Use coupons
Some colleges give out coupon books and you can look online for them.

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