Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog Spotlight - The Sunday Girl

If you ask me, foreign beauty blogs are the shiz.  You get to see what brands are out there and with the beautiful thing that is the internet, you buy them!

The Sunday Girl is one such blog that I am in love with.

"The Sunday Girl is a UK based beauty website that is updated frequently and offers in-depth, honest but neutral reviews (by neutral I mean that I am not affiliated with any brand) of beauty products of any nature -hair, cosmetics, skin care and nails basically you name it and I cover it!"
The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is only 1 year old, but very popular...and I can see why!

The blog's design is simple and chic, very pleasing to the eye.

The Sunday Girl features a variety of products - nail polish, skin care, both high end and low end cosmetics, hair products and some fragrances and indie cosmetics.  She mostly reviews UK products, which is kinda obvious being that she lives in the UK  ;)

Her reviews are very detailed and well laid out.  I love her pictures!  They are simple but interesting with the props that she uses.  Her reviews are honest and helpful.

I like that she does these little, quirky posts like "Monday Make Your Own, "Sunday Shopping the Stash", favorites and "empties."  I particularly like the "Sunday Shopping the Stash."  It revolves around the idea to use products that she hasn't payed much attention to for that week.  I've been toying around with this myself after seeing those posts.  I think it's a great way to cycle and avoid wasting your products.

There are a handful of blogs that I must urge everyone to see, and The Sunday Girl is one of them.


  1. You are so very kind :) thank you so much for this lovely feature and your truly lovely words!