Monday, February 21, 2011

E.L.F Studio Cream Liner in Plum Purple

$3 at

This was a disappointment to me.  I originally bought it to compare to the Wet n Wild Cream Liner, but the ELF one doesn't come anywhere near it.

Here's the color in the pot

As you can see, it's a nice deeper purple with a little bit of brown tone to it.  It doesn't come off that way on the skin though.

This liner is the second one from the top.  It's more brown than it is purple.  :\

The top is the Wet n Wild Eggplant, then E.L.F Plum Purple, E.L.F Mineral Liner in black, Prestige Total Intensity in Deepest Black, E.L.F Shimmer Eyeliners in Blissful Blush, Plum Passion, and Gunmetal.  Last one is the E.L.F Liquid Liner in silver.

You really need to work the product into the brush to get a decent amount of color.  It wears ok, but only on the lid.  I wore it with a wing and it migrated very quickly to my undereyes.

I won't be purchasing this again.  :(

ELF has put out some new colors since then, so I may try them out sometime...



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