Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Stand on Orglamix Cosmetics

So recently there has been this scandal around Orglamix repackaging products, claiming to make her own products, etc...  I have bought from Cheri before and have 3 eyeshadows (Vert, Mandarin and Freesia) that I love and have had no problems with.  I've had no problems with Cheri herself either.

But the fact of the matter for me is, although I could really care less if something is repackaged, it's not good business and it could have some potentially dangerous side effects for customers.  Like I've said, I have 3 shadows that I adore that have not caused me any problems.  No irritation, infection, defects of products, etc..  But I'm not going to be a repeat customer.  It's just too much uncertainty and scandal for my tastes.

So further more, I'm done with any real discussion of this.
Glad to get this out of my system...although it wasn't hugely bothering to me, just surprising.

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