Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Very interesting videos

Once upon a time (from age 14 to age 17) I was a historical "interpreter" (an actor of sorts, told historic information, etc...) and I loved it.  It was so fascinating and I miss it.  I was a 'tailor' (historically called a milliner, before they became only hat shops.  Mid-1700s), a civil-war era nurse, and a early Victorian apothecary - my personal favorite. I love studying homeopathic medicine. If I wasn't so interested in culinary, I probably would have sought out a career in it.

Also, from working in a milliner's shop, I developed a love for historic clothing.  I've always loved Victorian and Edwardian era clothing (along with medieval), but I do also like fashion from around the time of the American Revolution.  I have a beautiful blue dress made to look around 1750's -ish.

And I can say, you'll have no problem to convince me to get into a corset!  lol  Someday....

I should have known I'd become a beauty junkie because I was always facinated with reading about Victorian era beauty.  I also would go to auctions with my mother when I was about 13 or 14 and I loved to see the old makeup.  I wish I could've snatched them up for a collection.

I think that Victorian Era beauty is now going to be a big project for me.

Now this video is vintage makeup that is from Lisa's personal collection
It ranges from 1910's onward and is really cool

Vintage makeup 1940s - 1970s

Enjoy ~~

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