Friday, August 19, 2011

Small Rant about E.L.F (and other makeup companies)

Oh E.L.F, I really love you.  Truly I do.  So I'm not trying to slam E.L.F., I'm not that kind of person.

Today I saw this on Musings of a Muse.

E.L.F comparing their $1 tinted moisturizer (which I do like, don't get me wrong) to the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I've never tried the LM since I don't have the money, but come on!  Really?

You know, I'm really glad that E.L.F makes cheaper versions of high-end popular cosmetics...I really am.  I'm not a huge fan that they make packaging that looks so similar to certain products, but it could be worse.  At least their packaging looks nice and chic and is fairly sturdy.

Many of their items are quite comparable to high-end products.  Their eyeshadows are quite pigmented and I'd compare them any day.  Their $1-3 eyeshadows beat out most drugstore eyeshadows I've tried in pigmentation.  (Except Wet-n-Wild, that shit is amazing!)
The Mineral Eye Primer is freaking amazing!  I've never used UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but from how it performs for me and reviews I've seen, I don't have any lemmings for either of them.

I love their brushes, even though some have the tendency to shed.
E.L.F's tinted moisturizer isn't great, but it's nice for the price, especially because it is more pigmented.

I just don't like when any brand makes a huge hype about something  that they claim is even better than a certain product and we know it doesn't even compare.
E.L.F isn't the only one, to be fair.

I don't mind if any brand says something along the lines of 'compare to such-and-such brand', but going outright and saying that it's better than this product....please.  I wanna see proof.

This is why I love beauty blogs  <3

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