Friday, August 12, 2011

Spira Inspired Looks

I've been playing FFX over again  (...again  lol)
This idea initially came from painting my nails orange.  I then wanted to use my orange eyeshadow that I adore and then I thought of Rikku!  So today I made an Rikku/Al Bhed inspired look and I plan to do others.

But it also got me thinking...If I ever had an eyeshadow collection, I'd do one based off of FFX and FFX-2.
So just for fun, here are the colors I was thinking of

Rikku - a yellow or orange
Lulu - definitely a dark purple
Wakka - orange or red orange
Kimahri - dark blue like his fur
Auron - darker the color of his coat
Yuna - a soft lilac, maybe
Tidus - a light or medium blue

Yuna from FFX-2 (don't know a better name  lol!)  - Pink like the one on her shirt   dusty rose?

Yuna's Resolve or Yuna's Will - a steel or steel blue color
Lime green - either Mix (thinking of Rikku's shorts) or Sub-LIME-ly Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III

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