Tuesday, May 1, 2012

E.L.F Beauty Book Bright Eye Edition Review and Swatches

$5 from eyeslipsface.com and Target

E.L.F used to call these 'Beauty Encyclopedias' and they had 2 cream shadows as well.
They also used to have the encyclopedias for lips and face, but I think they have discontinued them.

The cream shadows weren't all that great in my opinion, so no loss there...and there is now a decent sized mirror in them.  I think they are even better for travel, now that they have a mirror.

I noticed that some of these shades are similar to ones in the Urban Decay Feminine Palette, I'll do a comparison in the future.

I really like that they do have some neutral colors thrown in there, and they have a bit of variety in the finishes.

Many of you know that a lot of ELF's eyeshadows are very soft and leave lots of fall out.  Fortunately, these shadows are not that soft.

Like the other encyclopedias/books, most of the shadows are very pigmented with a primer.

Nice pigmentation
Travel friendly
Budget friendly
Now have a mirror
Nice color arrangement
Has a manual/guide on the inside of cover

Can have fallout
Lighter colors have less pigmentation


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