Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brush Collection

These are the brushes that I use most often, of course I have some other ones that I use.
Most are ELF because they are cheap and are pretty good quality.  I will warn you though, they tend to come apart at the ferrule.  Usually I just slap some super glue or eyelash glue on the handle and let it sit for a day.

I'll link each brush that I can to where you can find them online.

So let's go!

E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush   $3

This isn't really stiff enough to use for foundation, which was the reason I bought it.  I didn't really have a dedicated powder/blush brush at the time, so this is what I use it for.

I recently found out that this is actually quite wonderful to use as a foundation brush!!  I thought it wouldn't be stiff enough to blend well, but it is.

E.L.F Studio Small Precision Brush   $3

I've used this brush for a lot of things.  It's great for eyeliner, lipgloss and lipstick, spot concealing, etc...
I use it alternately for eyeliner and lipstick.  It's a lot thinner than my angled eyeliner brush so I am able to get a nice, sharp wing with it.

E.L.F Eyeshadow Brush   $1

I love this brush!  It packs on most shadows like a dream.  This is actually the second one I bought, the first one was really stiff and scratchy...a production error I guess.

E.L.F Blending Eye Brush  $1

This specific one is out of one of the sets that ELF has.  It's super soft and blends well.  I use this mostly for initially placing and blending out crease colors.

All 3 EcoTools brushes came in a 5-piece set with a Mineral Powder Brush and a Concealer Brush. I can't give you the individual prices, but I paid around $10 for the set at Rite Aid.

EcoTools Baby Kabuki Brush

I use this cute little guy for powder and blush.  Soft and dense like the other EcoTools brushes.

EcoTools Eye Shading Brush

This is my main blending brush.  It's soft but just dense enough to blend perfectly.

EcoTools Powder Brush

My main powder brush.  The shape is slightly flat so it could be good for contouring as well.

As for this pink double ended eyeliner brush, I don't know what brand it is.  It came in a set from TJ Maxx.
I use it to smooth out and set eyeliner.

Essence of Beauty Smokey Eye Brush 

It has a large eyeshadow brush on one end and a pencil brush on the other.  It does shed a lot, which is why I don't use the flat side very much.  I do like the pencil brush for shaping.

Essence of Beauty Crease Duo    $6

This is an excellent duo for beginners to manipulate and blend shadows in the crease and outer corners.  I like to use the little one for smudging.

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