Friday, February 18, 2011

False Lashes

This will be the false lashes megapost!

Strip Lashes

E.L.F Studio Hollywood Lashes
I really wanted these to work  :(

These were a learning experience.  I found that I cannot wear dramatic lashes.  They just scream "look at me, I'm wearing incredibly fake lashes"

Next are Salon Perfect 110, I bought these at Walmart for $3.49.  First picture is from before I cut them down.

This is after.  Just too long for my taste

Tried these semi-dramatic ones.
Ardell 105

I cut these in half, trimmed them down and made them as accents.  They were still way to dramatic.

Ardell 108 and 124

I love 108.  They are perfect for my eyes and I only had to cut the width down.
I haven't tried 124 yet.

Individual Lashes

Ardell Duralash

Bought these a long time ago thinking they'd be nicer than strip lashes.  I bought them for $9.99 at CVS, although I got them for free using CVS extra bucks.  Glad they were free.

They weren't terrible, but I really didn't like them.  They looked quite nice on the outside of my eyes, but just looked bad on the middle to inside.  The lengths weren't right for me either.  The smallest ones were long on my eyes.

They are meant to be worn for 2 weeks, so the glue is "permanent."  They have a solution to remove them with.

On the bright side, I got a really nice pair of tweezers out of it.

I should be mentioning that every product works different ways for different people.  A product that works for me might not for you.  Everyone's lashes, eyes, skin type, etc...are different.

Do what I do, research on the net - MakeupAlley is a great site!

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