Tuesday, March 29, 2011

E.L.F Elements Eye, Lip, and Face Swatches

$1 each at eyeslipsface.com
The compact is $1 as well.

In order - Moondust, Wisteria, Mocha, Pink Ice, and Ivory

Periwinkle and Dusk
(Periwinkle is not anywhere near the color on the website)

Guava and Nude Blush

Blush in Glow

and off we go~~

These shadows are pigmented, but blend out really easily.
Mocha and Moondust are the worst at blending out, followed by Wisteria.

But they are all very nice colors.  They are soft, like most elf eyeshadows.  I believe they are all shimmery

Ivory is a very nice highlight color.  Nicely pigmented.
Pink Ice is, well, not really pink. It's more of a beige with a little bit of pink, but I really like the color.
Wisteria is a medium toned purple.
Mocha is a wonderful copper color
Moondust is a deep brown
Dusk is a shimmery gunmetal color
Periwinkle is a light grey

The lip colors are pretty creamy and they are sheer.
Nude Blush is nude with a hint of pink.  Nice color, but nothing extremely special about it
Guava is a medium pink-coral, not quite as dark as the color in the pot.

Face (blusher)
Glow is a very pretty peachy color


In order:  Wisteria, Ivory, Pink Ice, Moondust, Mocha, Nude Blush, Guava

Dusk and Periwinkle


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