Thursday, April 7, 2011

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base and Magic Smooth Souffle Sample from Vogue

Received this in a Vogue magazine and thought I'd try it out.

Product on L'Oreal's website
The foundation comes in 12 shades.
The prices I've seen in stores falls between $12 and $15.

I'm not impressed at all.
Despite the small amount of product that comes from the sample, both the primer and the foundation itself felt incredibly heavy on my skin.  The foundation felt grainy, not creamy like other mousse-like foundations I've used.

This had no coverage whatsoever on my skin, granted it's a sample size, but that still should have been enough to see any difference. It didn't even help to cover up redness. The only coverage I saw was the product that stuck instantly to the drier areas of my face.

Honestly I'm not so hot for L'Oreal's products in general.  I have a few products from the HIP line that are ok - 2 of the kohl liners and an eyeshadow.

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