Monday, October 10, 2011

Avon SuperMagnify Mascara Review

$8.99 from
You can find some good deals every once in a while...I got this and the SuperShock Mascara both for $8.99 total.

"SuperMagnify Mascara multiplies and magnifies lashes. Leaves no lash behind...and leaves no clumps. See up to 60% more lashes with no clumps!"

"5-to-1 Bristle to Lash Ratio: each bristle seeks out and separates every last lash.
Magnasphere Formula: wraps each lash for ultimate definition and ultra volume. "


At first I was really skeptical because the brush is so teeny.  But it works so well.

SuperMagnify a rubber spiky brush with tons of tiny bristles.  

This mascara definitely defines well and doesn't leave clumps, just like Avon states.  I also get a lot of length. I usually team this up with SuperShock for awesome results.

Awesome definition.  The tiny brush really gets every lash.
No clumps
Lots o' length
Doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day

I don't really feel as if I get 'ultra' volume

Overall 9/10

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